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Like a good neighbor who has been around a while and has all of the answers this Wiki is your reference for all of the questions you have about our Neighborhood. (Like how do I use this site?) As with any good wiki if you have information that you would like to update please do. It is the power of the community that makes this so useful!

Our Neighborhood Wiki

Use this Wiki as a place to find answers to your frequently asked questions by using the search bar near the top left portion of the screen. If you think you have a better answer than what is here please contribute it.

Neighborhood Info:

There are workgroups within the community that are not associated with the HOA that may be of interest to you. The find out more about these workgroups click on the names below to send an email to the work-group leader:

Neighbors Name/Click to send e-mail Workgroup

Web Site Information:

How do I get my picture to appear next to my name? Update your profile!
How do I discuss a topic? Learn how to use a discussion forum.
How can I chat with my neighbors in the chat room? Using a chat session.

Website Privacy Policy: The Neighborhood Website is a private website. Use is restricted solely to registered Plantation Lakes homeowners and residents. As such, all Users have an “expectation of privacy” when they either post a Topic to the website or comment on one. No other User is permitted to subsequently share posted information with anyone outside the network without the express permission of the originator. Please respect this website and your neighbor. Thank you.