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Chat sessions can be helpful, educational and fun!!!

Chat sessions are used to talk in real time about virtually anything!! They can be used to talk about last nights hockey game or to answer questions you might have.

Once you have entered the Chat room (by clicking on the chat Chat link) a new window will open containing the chat session. (Please make sure you have disabled your pop-up blocker for this site!) You will be able to see all of the participants in the chat listed on the right side of the chat screen. Once you have entered the chat room please chat!! Note that after 2 minutes of inactivity you will be considered sleepy asleep and removed from the chat room. Also note that the list of participants on the rightmost portion of your screen will only be updated about once every 5 seconds. So if you don't immediately see yourself listed be patient, we haven't forgotten about you. smile

Because of the real time nature of Chat Rooms it is acceptable to use abbreviations and emoticons but as always proper Netiquete is required.

Please note that you must allow your browser to accept pop-ups from this site to allow you to see the chat room screen.